Sperm Whale Explodes in Faroe Islands

Sperm whale explodes in Faroe Islands

In the bizarre video of the week department, we have this one from the Faroe Islands featuring…you guessed it, an exploding whale.

Apparently this sperm whale died of natural causes in the Faroe Islands. When a man was attempting to open it up by its stomach, a large decomposition gas pocket erupted nearly showering him with whale innards. We can only imagine that the smell was much worse than the visual.

The Faroe Islands is known for having an annual whale hunt called the grindadráp in Faroes where nearly a 1,000 long-finned pilot whales are killed for their meat and blubber.  The hunt is considered by many Faroese to be an important part of their history and culture but many other people view it is barbaric and unnecessary.

Video posted by Johan Joensen and is 14 seconds in length.  Photo is a screenshot.
PS.  As the title indicates, it’s gross.

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