Video of the Largest Great White Ever Tagged off Western Australian Coast

Press release: Western Australia’s Shark Monitoring Network is now using new technology to provide alerts on 326 tagged sharks – including a four metre white shark recently tagged by Department of Fisheries research scientists.

The mature male is the largest white shark to be internally fitted with an acoustic transmitter tag in Australian waters.

Fisheries Minister Troy Buswell said the shark – measuring four metres from its nose to the tip of its tail – was one of two caught off Albany’s Cheynes Beach in August.

The scientists surgically implanted small acoustic transmitters – or tags – in the sharks’ stomachs in a quick procedure alongside a boat and then released them.

The network now uses about 320 receivers positioned in the seabed and 20 satellite receivers to monitor tagged sharks – 136 white sharks, 171 whaler sharks and 19 tiger sharks.

The alerts can now be delivered within less than two minutes of a shark being detected by the monitoring network.

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