Kimi Werner Freedives with Great White

In this Variables video, Patagonia ambassador Kimi Werner strives to find her place in the ecosystem and discusses her remarkable free dive with a great white shark.

“My hand reached out and connected with her dorsal fin and we just started to glide together.  I know she could’ve eaten me at any second had she wanted to, but in this moment we were just two animals, two predators swimming together.

Kimi is native Hawaiin and and has spent a lifetime in the water and is extremely comfortable in the ocean environmnet.  She is an avid spear fisheworman and readily admits that she is not on the ‘top of the food chain.’

As stated in the video description, she “treads the line between predator and prey – eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place.

The video is 4:45 in length and it will most certainly grab your attention.  Enjoy!

Cinematography: Morgan Ball, Freddy Booth, Sterling Kaya, Kyle Nakamoto, Captain Chris Wade, Justin Turkowski, Kimi Werner
Editing: Justin Turkowski

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