Thursday, December 4, 2014

Video: Viral Shark Story Showing Babies Being Removed from Dead Shark - Actually 6 Months Old

3 Babies Removed From Dead Shark
Dead shark in Georgia is cut
open and babies releases
A shark video which is making the news rounds is wrongly being credited to a recent event in Cape Town, South Africa.  The video, apparently re-uploaded by bodhispeak on December 1 using a shorter edited version, shows a dead pregnant shark being cut open and 3 baby sharks being removed and set free. This version also features some annoying music.

It tuns out the video was originally posted over 6 months ago by Beth Cordell and the full version is over six minutes in length. In the original version, we can see that the Good Samaritan is very cautious as he moves forward in recovering the baby sharks which are visibly moving inside the mother shark.  In addition, the video features no music, just natural sound.

The video description is short on details but Beth notes the following: "Shark washed up on beach. It was dead but it's tummy was jiggling. Bystander cut it open in order to save the babies."

Beth does not state where this took place but thanks to the keen ear of Melanie Robinson via our Facebook page, she notes that they make reference to being in the state of Georgia at the 2:25 mark.

It appears that the shark had a substantial injury to its lower jaw which may have been caused by a gaff.

Although it is a graphic video, it's always good to see ordinary folks stepping in to help save sharks. As Brad Scott28 noted in the comments, "this video restored my faith in humanity."  We agree Brad, we agree.
Photo is a video screenshot.

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