Monday, November 10, 2014

White Shark Africa Seeking Interns

White Shark Africa is a research, ecotourism and volunteer project operating in Mossel Bay which is on the Southern Cape of South Africa . Every month, they take on up to 12 interns to join them in their research of the sharks in the bay.

Each program is conducted over a period of 27 days* and commences on the 1st of each month. The program is limited to a maximum of twelve participants with a minimum age of 18.

The program is open to anyone with a real interest in sharks and to those who wish to be involved in something rewarding, educational, exciting and overall enjoyable. Anyone studying biology, marine biology, zoology, oceanography, marine tourism, animal husbandry, marine filming, etc will find the program particularly beneficial towards their goals.

During your program you will get a chance to be involved in various activities, including the following:

• Great White Shark data collection • Tagging of other shark species • Community education • Environmental conservation • Scuba diving • Excursions in and around the Garden Route • Oceans Research lectures and courses • Marine guiding • Crewing • Cage diving • Decoy breaching trips

This program is ideal for anyone interested in sharks, eco-tourism, marine conservation, underwater photography or biology. It is designed to provide participants with a broad spectrum of experiences based around working with Great White Sharks. For more information, please visit White Shark Africa