Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Video:Guy Accepts Dare & Jumps on Shark

Guys on boat spot passing shark.
Guy dares other guy to jump on it.
Guy accepts dare and leaps onto shark.
Guy quickly swims back and gets on boat.
That's it.  We ask...why?

So here's yet another video where someone decides it would be fun to test fate by harassing a shark.

The video is apparently from Australia and it appears to have been shot from some type of commercial vessel.  In the video, several guys spot an approaching shark and one guy tells another, "try and catch this tiger shark Brett."

Brett correctly replies,"what?"  To which the other guy responds, "I dare you to jump on this tiger shark."

The one guy continues to prod Brett and mentions that it is just a "little tiger shark."  Brett, not seemingly impressed with his assessment replies, "yeah, it's only a man eater."  But with that, he accepts the challenge and moves into place.

At the 30 second mark, Brett jumps off the boat and appears to land directly on top of the shark. Brett immediately swims back to the boat and looks to be panicked as he tries to pull himself aboard.

The camera then goes blank as we hear laughter from all involved. Fortunately, no one got hurt and it would appear the shark was fine as well.

If you end up reading this Brett, we triple-dog-dare you NOT to do that ever again.

Video posted by Blinky Bill and is 50 sec in length.

Photo are screenshots.