Friday, November 14, 2014

Video: Tourists Get a Shock When Great White Slams Into Shark Cage Bending the Bars

South Africa Great White Shark bends cage during a cage dive
Talk about a heart stopping moment for these tourists on a cage dive in South Africa when a large great white slams into the cage and actually bends the bars apart. 

Patrick Andersson posted a cage dive video today on Youtube stating that it was an "oldie" and that it had not been shown before.  Today's video (2nd down) shows a great white latched onto the bait line and basically in a tug of war with the bait handler.  The shark thrashes against the cage several times as it tries to get the bait and it is rather intense action.

Great white shark in tug of war with bait line during South Africa cage dive
Today's crazy video made us search for Patrick's earlier videos and we did locate the eye-opening one below (1st one) which was taken at Mossel Bay in April 2014.  In this insane video, it appears the bait handler lures the shark directly towards the cage and we see the shark slam into the cage at full speed.  Once the shark frees itself, you can actually see that the bars on the cage have been bent out.

Typically, most cage diver operators do their best to keep the sharks from making contact with the cage although on occasion accidents happen.  In this case, it does seem that the shark was lured directly towards the cage.

Both videos posted by Partick Anderson and the 1st one is 46 seconds in length & the second is 40 seconds  in length.
Photo are screenshot from videos

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