Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video: Guy Gets Crazy Happy as Great White Circles Boat in California...Considers Jumping on Shark

It's no wonder that we see so many videos these days of sharks checking out boats.  Boats oftentimes represent a free feed for sharks as some boaters will toss fish in the water to entice sharks closer in for a better look.  In other cases, opportunistic sharks will snatch an angler's catch as the fish is reeled in to the boat.  No matter the case, boats and sharks often go hand in hand as is the case in the following video.

A group of guys off the north coast of Santa Cruz, California encountered a pair of great whites that hung around their boat for some time.  In the video, we see one shark mouth the motor at the 30 second mark which causes the excitement level with the boaters, who appear to be fishing, to really ramp up.  One guy, who we'll refer to as Mr. Happy, appears so excited, that he continually shakes his leg over the passing shark in what looks to be his way of jokingly saying, "here come get it."

Great white shark investigates boat in Santa Cruz California and guy threatens to jump on sharkAt around the 1:00 mark, a second smaller great white appears and also bites at the motor which causes the enthusiasm level of Mr. Happy to go through the roof.

At the 1:05 mark, the larger shark makes a pass and we hear Mr. Happy say, "I'm going in.  I'm going to jump on him."  To which we hear another guy reply, "No jumping on him."

At the 2:00 mark, one of the sharks apparently swims toward the motor and we hear Mr Happy say, "do you want me to get the gaff and smack him?" Another guy says no.  At the 2:25 mark, the larger shark makes another pass which causes Mr. Happy to once again announce that he is going to "jump on him."

Fortunately, no one jumped in the water and the shark just got to be a shark with no interference.
Photo are video grabs.

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