Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video: Divers Leave Cage to Dive with a Great White at Guadalupe Island

In this video posted today on Youtube, we see several divers exit the safety of  a cage to dive with a great white shark at Guadalupe Island.

We first see the divers outside the cage at about the 30 second mark.  The shark appears to pay no attention to the them as it continues to swim around.  At around the 2:20 mark, we see one diver attempt to touch the upper lobe of the shark's caudal fin.

There's a reason that many consider Guadalupe Island to be the premiere location to see great whites. Not only are the chances quite high that you will spot them in these waters but the visibility is second to none.

The video was posted by DiVentures and is just over 6 minutes in length.
Photo is a video screenshot


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