Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Video: Boaters Are Delighted at the Sight of a Large Great White Off Rottnest Island

Massive white pointer off Rottnest Island Australia. Whale carcass
Imagine that - here's yet another video from Rottnest Island in Australia featuring a large great white. Ever since a whale carcass was first spotted off the island late last week, videos from boaters visiting the area have been popping up on Youtube and many feature some awesome shots of tiger sharks and great whites.

In this video, boaters get a visit from a very large great white and they estimate the girth to be about 1 & 1/2 meters.  We can most likely attribute the robustness of this particular shark to having an overstuffed belly full of whale meat.  And unlike the one video from yesterday where the one guy immediately wanted to leave upon spotting that great white, these folks seemed to be in sheer awe of the large white pointer and seemed to fully enjoy the encounter.

The video was posted by tina taraborrelli and is two minutes in length.
Photo is a screenshot.