Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Video: Boat Captain Jumps on the Back of a Hammerhead Shark and Rides It

Aaron Moir rides a hammerhead shark in Western Australia
In the ever growing saga of people deciding that it's 'cool' to ride a shark, we have this bizarre video from off the Western Australian coast.  It shows a 25-year-old man jumping on the back of an unsuspecting hammerhead shark which had been lured to the boat with bait on a rope.

According to The Australian, the jumper is Aaron Moir, who is a boat captain with Blue Juice Charters, and the brief encounter was captured on video by charter guests.

Arron told the paper that he was just having a bit of fun and that he next plans to ride a tiger shark. He then went one step further and said that "one day, if I get the confidence, maybe a great white shark."  Arron also stated that this was the 6th or 7th shark he has 'ridden' since working for Blue Juice Charters.

As one can imagine, the skipper's actions have brought about rebuke from many in the shark conservation field. Ross Weir, who is the spokesperson for the West Australians for Shark Conservation, told the paper that there was "a culture among young men in WA who think it’s cool to interfere with wildlife to get their 15 seconds of fame”.

 “It’s idiocy, it’s dangerous and it shows a total disregard and lack of respect for nature,” Mr Weir said.

In a related stories, earlier this month an Australian man accepted a dare and jumped on a passing shark. You can view that video here.  Also from earlier this month, an Australian man ignored sharks in the water and swam over to a whale carcass to go for a float. View video here. 
Photos are video screenshots.

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