Saturday, November 1, 2014

Video: Aerial Footage of Great White Checking Out Recreational Boat Off Rottnest Island

A group of fisherman have had an encounter with a 4 meter great white shark off Rottnest on Friday. The shark appeared curious by the boat and is seen circling it several times.  The images were taken by a Channel 9 news helicopter.

Not too far away, a whale carcass was attracting both tiger sharks and great whites. A photo taken from crew members on the Seven News helicopter created quite a stir on social media as it shows a shirtless man sitting on top of the rotting carcass.

Apparently the reckless daredevil thought it would be fun to surf the rotting whale, which we can only imagine was rather pungent.  But his glory ride was short lived when he became aware of the presence of numerous sharks in the vicinity.

Fortunately, the odd fellow was retrieved by a nearby vessel thus allowing him the opportunity to reflect and realize that what he had done was rather moronic.
Top photo is video screenshot. 
2nd photo from 7 News