Monday, November 3, 2014

Raw Video Shows Guy Jumping From Boat into Shark Infested Waters and Climbing on Whale Carcass

This is the story that just keeps on giving.  The other day we posted a story with some video regarding Harrison Williams who climbed up on a whale carcass off Rottnest Island while tiger and great whites were circling about.

Now some raw video has emerged shot from another boat in the area. What's rather shocking is that the guys in the boat taking the video are talking about the large sharks feeding on the whale when they witness Harrrison jump off his boat and swim to the carcass and climb on top.  The one guy summed up the situation well when he stated, "is he f**king serious...what a clown."
Huge great white in 2nd video

We've also included a few extra videos.  The first one was apparently taken from Rottnest in the same area and shows a very large great white (CAUTION - ADULT LANGUAGE).

The second is an aerial video shot by the news helicopter and the 4th is an updated newscast from 9 News Perth discussing the carcass after it had washed up on shore.

Top video posted by Brad Witt and is just over 2 minutes in length.