Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Video: Very Close Call While Hand Feeding Shark in Australia

In this July 2011 'look-back' video, we see a guy have a very close call 
while hand feeding a shark  from the Australian shoreline.

Guy hand feed shark from shoreline at Norfolk Island AustraliaThere's a reason that when you go to a national park you are inundated with signs that say don't feed the animals. It doesn't take a lot of forethought to imagine what would happen if a grizzly bear became accustomed to being fed by humans.  The association may very well prove to be harmful for someone down the road.

The same argument can be made for feeding sharks. Not only are you putting yourself in immediate danger as is the case in this video, but you are getting the shark used to associating humans with a free feed.

In this video from Norfolk Island in Australia, we see a guy on a rocky shoreline hand feeding some fish scraps to several sharks. At the 51 second mark, we see a shark in a tug-a-war with the guy and eventually the shark rips the fish scrap from his hands.

Guy has close call while hand feeding shark at Norfolk Island AustraliaThings get more interesting at the 1:20 mark when a shark, that looks to be about 2 meters/6 feet in length, surprises the guy when it erupts out of the water and nearly gets a piece of his hand.  (The close call is then replayed in zoom and slow motion.)

Although the guy had a good laugh at the close call and he got to experience sharks in a unique manner, those sharks may be inclined to investigate humans a bit closer the next time their patch cross.. For that reason alone, it's just best not to feed sharks...especially from the shoreline where most swimmers are found.

This look-back video was posted in July 2011 by Committed1000.
Photos are screenshots.