Thursday, October 16, 2014

Video: Tiger Shark Looks for Free Dinner in Fiji

Tiger shark on Fiji Dive hand feed.
Although Tiger Beach in the Bahamas yields the majority of tiger shark feeding videos, we are seeing quite a few out of Fiji and Jupiter, Florida.

In this video from Fiji, we see a tiger shark arriving shortly after the dinner bell appears to have been rung.  The shark looks quite calm as it swims around looking at the divers trying to figure out which one was going to feed her.

Apparently the shark doesn't spot the right person and swims into the group of divers who are there to observe and at the 25 second mark we see one of the observers give her two jabs to the nose area.  This was enough to make the shark move away.  She eventually finds the right person and is rewarded with several fish heads.

The video was posted by Rainer Hinck and is 1:08 in length.
Photo is a video screenshot.