Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Video: Tiger Shark Bites GoPro Camera

Tiger shark bites GoPro camera
These days you just never know where the next GoPro video is going to take you.  Jumping off a building, jumping through fire or in this case, entering deep inside a tiger shark's mouth.

This video was taken by a diver during his first dive at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas and he ended up biting off a bit more than he expected.

Tiger sharks are the featured residents at this dive spot and divers come from all over in order to have close interactions with the apex predators. In this case,  a diver got more than normally expected when a shark took a test bite of his GoPro Hero 3.  The tiger quickly determined that it was not something it wanted to eat and released the camera.

The video was posted by lasongo and is a short 47 seconds in lenght.  The bite is replayed in slow motion.
Photo is a video screenshot.