Monday, October 27, 2014

Video: Hooked Spinner Shark Erupts From Water Landing 10 Feet from Angler

Spinner shark flies through the air within 10 feet of angler
Not only are spinner sharks very effective at catching fish but they appear to be able to use their spinning ability to free themselves from a fisherman's line.

This video was taken in August 2014 but the angler just reposted it and included slow motion footage of the shark breaking free.

Moments after the shark is hooked, it erupts from the water and we see in an airborne spin headed directly towards the angler.  The shark lands with a splash and we then see the angler checking his slack line.  It would appear that the shark had broken free.
Here are some shortcuts as the editing/music are a bit much (make sure to watch the slo-mo portion):
- 0:39: we see the shark in normal speed.
- 1:05: same action in slow motion. 

The video was posted by Digginrings and is just under 2 minutes in length.
Photo is a video screenshot.