Saturday, October 18, 2014

Video: Great White Approaches Cageless Diver and Bites Camera

Sharks can be a bit like celebrities sometimes; they get their photos taken a lot and sometimes, they don't want to play along and act out.

Photographer Charles Maxwell ended up biting off a bit more than he could chew while trying to film this great white shark and for his efforts ended up with a damaged camera.

In the video, we see a great white swimming directly at Charles who is not using a shark cage.  As the shark is just about on top of him, we can assume that Charles is thinking: (a) I wish I had used a cage and, (b) I do believe I'm going to end up with the best great white shot ever.  Fortunately for Charles, a cage was not needed but a stronger camera housing was most definitely called for as we see the shark take a bite at his camera cracking his lens. On the good news side, Charles did end up with quite a memorable video.

There are not many details on this encounter and there was a second videographer recording the action. The video starts with the view from Charles' camera and then switches to the second camera where we can see the shark and Charles in the same frame.

It was posted by Aquavision TV Productions and is a short 16 seconds in length.
Photo is a screenshot combo view using both camera angles.