Saturday, October 11, 2014

Video: Drone Captures Stunning Aerial Images from South Africa

Drone aerial video of South Africa sharks including the great white and sharptooth houndshark.
In case you hadn't noticed, we absolutely love aerial shark videos here at SAN.  There's something absolutely brilliant about observing sharks from this viewpoint.

Eric Cheng released this short film showing the "beauty of Cape Town and its surrounding areas". And though he presents some beautiful landscape video, we're here for the shark shots and he didn't disappoint. 

Eric scored some very nice images of sharptooth houndsharks, (aka spotted gully shark) cruising along the shore break near Cape Point in Table Mountain National Park.
And for the grand finale, the video closes out with footage from Seal Island featuring majestic great white sharks.

Although Eric provides shortcuts to the various footage, I'd highly recommend sitting back and enjoying the entire short video.  It really is beautiful and very well edited.

00:03 Lion's Head                                                      01:51 Buiker Island                                          
00:34 Lion's Head dronie                                         02:11 BOSS400 crane barge
00:44 Table Mountain                                               02:21 Animal Oceans dronie
00:57 Cape Point kelp                                                02:33 Seal Island
01:20 Cape Point shark aggregation                       02:55 Great white sharks
01:36 Fur seal scares sharks                                     03:27 Simon's Town approach
01:45 Fur seal surfs                                                     03:46 Credits

The video was posted by Eric Cheng and is just under 4 minutes in length.
Photo from screen grabs.