Monday, October 13, 2014

Video: Australian Spearfisherman Pokes Great White Shark

Australian spearfisherman jabs great white shark with his spear to chase if off.
In the never ending battle between spearfishermen who gather bloody fish and curious sharks looking for an easy meal, we have another encounter this time from Australia.

Trevor Ketchion and a friend were spearfishing off the Sunshine Coast on Sunday October 13, 2014 when they encountered a great white shark in the area.

According to 9 News, Trevor decided to confront the shark rather then waiting to see what the shark's next move was going to be.  He took a breath and swam down to the shark and gave it a poke in the middle of the shark's back.

This jab from the tip of Trevor's spear appeared to be enough of a disincentive for the shark to stick around and we see it slowly swimming off.

The video was posted by Trevor and is a short 32 second in length.
Photo is a screenshot.