Monday, October 13, 2014

Two Videos Showing a Real Live Sharknado at Cape Lookout, North Carolina

Sharknado in NC
Here are a couple of shark videos shot at Cape Lookout, NC within the last week. Both show a shark feeding frenzy occurring right at the shoreline. At this time, it is unknown if both of these videos were taken of the same or separate events. [EDIT: The second video posted by Brian Recker was taken on 09 October.]

The first video was shot by Chris Malone on 7 October 2014 and shows several fishermen in awe as numerous sharks flap about at the shoreline dining on some type of fish. At the 44 second mark, one shark gets temporarily beached and one of the anglers, hoping for a souvenir photo, tries to unsuccessfully grab it by its tail.

Clearly the anglers were delighted by this unique encounter and at one point we hear one state, "this is the highlight of my life."

The second video, also from Cape Lookout, was posted on Facebook by Brian Recker on Sunday (10/12/14). He states that it was shot by Donnie Griggs and that there "were over 100" sharks involved.  And since Brian called it Sharknado, we decided to join in since this will be the closest thing we ever see of one. ;-)

Sharknado in NCWe should note that it is common for sharks to be involved in feeding frenzies when schooling fish present an opportunity for full-on dining.  What's not as common is that the incidents occurred so close to shore.  And even less common is that the activity was captured on video.  So with that said, go ahead and enjoy watching mother nature up close & personal.

Both photos are screenshots. The top one is from the Chris Malone video and the second one from Donnie Griggs video.

Similar video from 2013: Blacktip Sharks Beach Themselves in Pursuit of Fish

NOTE: Brian has since uploaded the video to Youtube so we have replaced it since the FB one was not as clear.