Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Adrenaline Flows in this Great White Cage Dive Video from South Africa

Valerio Mengoli gives you the full great white cage diving experience through 
the use of three cameras.  Lot's of action in this video to get the heart racing!

Earlier this month we shared a fantastic photo sent to us by Valerio Mengoli who went on a great white shark cage dive in Mossel Bay South Africa in August 2014.

Well at the time, he promised he would give us a headsup about a video he was putting together and we are happy to share it with you now.

Valerio does a great job of letting you experience the entire dive trip, from arriving at the boat to actually getting face to face with the great whites both above and below the water line.

In one sequence the shark does make contact with the cage which is not something we like to see as it can be harmful for the shark.  Our hope is that the bait handler unintentionally allowed this to occur and that this is not the normal practice with this tour operator. And judging from other sequences in the video, it does appear that the bait handler was guiding the shark to the side of the cage and not directly into it.

So sit back and enjoy this 6 minute video. But I must warn you, if you have been on the fence about going diving with great whites, this video will surely push you over the edge. Get out your MasterCard ;-)

Video posted by Valerio Mengoli. 
Photos are screenshots.