Friday, October 17, 2014

Spinner Shark Photobombs Surfer in Brazil

Spinner shark erupts from water while surfer Gabriel Melo catches a wave in Pedra do Sal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
There are a lot of things you might expect to see while filming a guy surfing, but one of them is not typically a shark.

Gabriel Melo was surfing off  Pedra do Sal beach in Salvador, Brazil when he was filmed catching a wave.  And although Gabriel might be an exceptional surfer for all we know, his talent is not what will draw your eye in his latest surf video.  It's that spinning shark photobombing Gabriel that will make you lean in closer.

In this short video, as Gabriel just begins to ride a wave, we see a spinner shark (see note at bottom re type of shark) explode from the water and spin four times in the air before splashing back into the water. And though one surfer appears to be looking right at the shark, it's clear Gabriel didn't see a thing at the time.

And why do they spin you might ask?  When feeding on schools of fish, spinner sharks will speed vertically through the school while spinning on their axis and snapping their jaws from all sides. As they near the surface, they don't always slow down and will sometime erupt from the water while in full-throttle dining spin mode.

The video was posted by Gabriel Melo (the surfer in the video).  It is 37 seconds in length and replays in slow motion. [WARNING: Contains Adult Language in subtitle.]

[NOTE:  On 10/18/2014, we received a FB message from JĂșlia Lima stating that some local biologists believe it was a blacktip shark. In addition, she informed us the beach is in Salvador, Brazil.]
Photo is a screenshot.