Friday, October 10, 2014

Interview with the Shark Feeding "Shark Addicts" From Jupiter Florida

Over they years, we've seen quite a few of the videos posted by the two divers with Shark Addicts so we were quite interested to learn more about them in a recent interview by Kat De La Fuente with World Wide Kat.

The Shark Addicts are two friends, Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, who have made diving with sharks a weekend avocation and shark protection, a full time passion. The two are based out of Jupiter Florida and their numerous videos from their Youtube Channel feature them diving and feeding a wide variety of sharks including reef sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, etc.

In addition to enjoying diving with sharks, the two are always on the lookout for any sharks that might be swimming around with an embedded fishing hook or other obstructions.  They are often successful at controlling an impaired shark just long enough to remove the object. Several hook removals can be seen in the video.

The Shark Addicts reveal that they typically dive in a wreck area known as the Jupiter Wreck Trek which is actually three separate wrecks in a row located about a mile north of Jupiter inlet and roughly three miles from the coast.  At the third wreck, the Esso Bonaire III, which is located to the far north is where they feed and interact with the sharks.
Map of Jupiter Wreck Trek by Greatest Dive Sites

They note that legally, one has to be three plus nautical miles offshore in federal waters to feed sharks as it is illegal to feed them in state waters. The two frequently dive with their mentor, Randy Jordan, who is the captain of Emerald Charters.  They note that Randy helped push the state shark feeding law into effect in 2001 and is a strong advocate for sharks.

We should note that according to WPTV News, Randy was charged earlier this year by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission with feeding sharks in state waters.  According to Randy, he was charged after he allegedly crept into state waters by 367 feet.  He denies the allegation and is planning to fight the charge in court.

As one might imagine, different sharks will often exhibit different behaviors during a dive and the pair note they will adjust and respond accordingly.  And though some sharks will be more aggressive when going after bait, the sharks don't typically exhibit any sings of aggression towards the divers but nonetheless, they are always on alert.

After viewing many of their videos over a long time period, it is clear to me that the diving duo definitely live up to their Shark Addicts name.  The two can't seem to get enough under water time and they readily admit that they would love to dive with great white and even alligators. But interestingly, Cameron fessed up that there is one thing that he would in no way consider diving with.

"Bears, if there are bears in the water, I don't want to dive it," Cameron noted.

Well as long as he continues diving three miles out in federal waters, we tend to think he'll avoid most bears.  But there is always that remote possibility that he could encounter a Russian sub...just saying.
Photos are video grabs.