Saturday, October 25, 2014

High Octane Video Showing Sharks Pursuing Mullet Migration in Florida

tarpon, jacks, snook, sharks in pursuit of mullet during migration in Florida.  Swimmers stand in middle of feeding frenzy.

The crew at BacktipH Fishing have released an amazing video showing footage of the annual mullet migration in Florida.

The film was all taken during the first week of the migration and shows many of the predator fish (tarpon, jacks, snook, sharks, etc) in hot pursuit of the easy meal.

The migration occurs every year off the east coast of Florida and the massive schools of mullet act as a dinner bell for larger fish.  As they note in the video description, the tarpons are exploding out of the water as they attempt to grab the mullet dancing on the water's surface.  In turn, bull sharks are locked in on the mullet as well as the tarpon and we end up with an insane feeding frenzy.

The video was posted by BlacktipH on October 8th and features over 2 minutes of crazy action.

PS.  To the people swimming in the water: when you find yourselves in the middle of a bait ball, exit the water immediately.  Otherwise, you stand a good chance of getting accidentally bit by a toothy predator during the chaos.
Photos are video screenshots.