Sunday, October 5, 2014

Great White Shark Bites a Second Great White in a Territorial Display

Great white shark bites second great white in territorial display - from Russell Gordon video
Diving enthusiast Russell Gordon has captured some amazing video of a great white attacking a second great white in an apparent territorial display.

Brief glimpse of the injury
The incredible footage was shot during a a dive at Neptune Islands in South Australia late last year but Russell just posted the footage online.

Russel explains in the narrative that the video is "unique because neither shark has been influenced by bait."

In posting the video, Russell hopes that "people find this video interesting and [that] it contributes to understanding the complex behaviours of this wonderful and important species."

A recent video that surfaced last week showed a similar encounter between two great whites where a much larger shark bit a smaller great white. However, unlike this video, that attack was considered to be an accidental bite since both sharks appeared to be going for the bait line.  You can view that video here.

This video was posted by Russell Gordon and is 26 seconds in length.
Photos are screenshots. Thank you to J. Gordon for the email & headsup regarding this video.