Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Disturbing Video of a Hammerhead Shark Being Dragged Alive Thought Streets in Brazil

This video was shot at Praia do Cristo in Salvador, Brazil. It was posted on Facebook by Jheny P. and she states that the hammerhead had washed ashore at Praia do Cristo (Beach of the Christ).

Sadly, the hammerhead shark is very much alive as it is dragged behind a tractor though the streets presumably to a facility where it will be butchered for food.

NOTE: This may be very disturbing to some. We should also add that the person who took the video does not appear to have anything to do with the situation other than capturing the images.
Photo is a video screenshot.
H/T to Blue Planet Society for bringing this video to light.

UPDATE 10/13/2014:
We have included a second video (Youtube).  See below.

The Environmental Institute of ParanĂ¡, O Instituto Ambiental do ParanĂ¡, has investigated the incident and has fined the offender R$ 3 mi ($1.25USD) for mistreatment. Per the report in Gazeta Do Povo, the Humane Society of Curitiba filed a complaint with the Environmental Institute after learning of the video through social media. In levying of the fine, they stated that the animal deserved to "die in a dignified way."

It should be noted that the shark was butchered and the meat was divided among members of the community.
New Video (posted by jeeff bueno)

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