Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Digital Host Alex Farnham Dives With Tiger Shark To Overcome His Fear

Alexander Dane Farnham dives with a tiger shark in Hawaii to overcome his fearAlexander Dane Farnham is the host of a Discovery Network digital program entitled Animalist News, which airs on and on the website Revision 3.  In a recent episode, Alex tackled a lifelong fear and went diving with the one type of shark he feared most, the tiger shark.

In the video intro, he states that he was absolutely terrified of tiger sharks and viewed them as the meanest of the mean. But with a strong desire to overcome his fear, Alex descended into the Hawaiian waters with a group of experienced shark divers and met his toothy fear head on all without the safety of a shark cage.

Alexander Dane Farnham dives with a tiger shark in Hawaii to overcome his fear
When the shark first appears, Alex is clearly apprehensive and he states that he "has never breathed like this in my life."  But after he observes the shark for a period of time, he realizes that it is very mellow and Alex comments that it sort of reminds him of a massive curious cat in the water.

Alex didn't see the "meanest shark out there" as he expected but instead, he saw a "majestic animal" and notes that the entire experience left him with a tremendous respect for the tiger shark.

Kudos Alex on overcoming your fear and thank you for sharing your experience with the 'majestic' tiger shark.

Animalist News features new episodes every Monday through Saturday with the aim of showing viewers the awesome, bizarre, adorable, and everything else that goes on in the animal kingdom.
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