Friday, September 5, 2014

Video: Underwater GoPro Action of Mako Shark Pursuing Dinner

Mako shark pursues and bites at prey
Mako shark in snack mode.
This is a fantastic video of a mako shark in pursuit of a meal. It was taken last summer off Ocean City, MD.

They videographer attached a GoPro HD Hero 3 camera to some trolling gear and then motored along at about 6 to 7 knots.

It wasn't until he retrieved the camera that he realized he had some stellar video of a mako shark in action.

The video was posted by davey8128 and is just over 3 minutes in length.  The video has been edited and the high octane moments have been reduced to slow motion.  Good stuff...enjoy!

BTW, if you need a little more of a make fix, check out this video taken this summer featuring footage of a mako moving along at 50mph!: Mako Shark Filmed Flying Underwater at 50MPH
Photo is a video screenshot