Friday, September 19, 2014

Video: Tiger Shark Leverages Rock to Help Dine on Sea Turtle

Video of tiger shark eating sea turtle at Pier One in Kahulu Harbor MauiIt's not often one gets to witness a tiger shark dining on a sea turtle while standing on shore. But Sean Ross of Hawaii has witnessed the event on multiple occasions.

The most recent occurrence happened on 09/16/2014 at the breakwall at Pier One in Kahului Harbor, Maui. Ross states that there were two tiger sharks taking "polite' turns dining on the very large sea turtle which he estimates to be between 250 to 300lbs. The flippers and head had already been consumed so the sharks were working on breaking through the turtle's shell.

Video of Tiger shark eating sea turtle at Pier One breakwall in Kahului Harbor in Maui
As noted in an earlier tiger shark video, tiger sharks "have adapted an efficient yet ruthless method for consuming the hard shell delicacy. The tiger sharks will systematically bite off each flipper thus rendering the turtle immobile and helpless. At this point, the shark can consume the remaining core by using it's heavy jaws and serrated teeth to tear through the hard shell."

In addition to the first video, we have included a second video shot by Ross in July 2013 which was taken from the same area. In the 2nd video, the tiger shark is still working on one remaining flipper. [NOTE:  This video contains minor blood]

Videos posted by Sean Ross and pics are screenshots.