Thursday, September 4, 2014

Video: Photographer Gets Friendly with a Tiger Shark at Tiger Beach

Tiger shark Emma at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas takes interest in a photographer
Emma the tiger shark takes an interest in a photographer
It's been awhile since we've come across a video featuring Emma the tiger shark so when this one popped up today, we had to share it.

Emma is a 14 foot tiger shark that has been frequenting Tiger Beach in the Bahamas since the early 2000's. She has become so well known, she even has her own Facebook page.

Several of the guides who bring divers to Tiger Beach are quite comfortable handling the mature tiger shark and there have been numerous videos over the years showing guides handling the large shark.

Tiger shark Emma at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas gets a rubbing from a scuba diver
Emma the 14 foot tiger shark getting a head rub
On the occasions that Emma does make an appearance during a dive, she ends up stealing much of the limelight from the lemon and reef sharks that are the typical inhabitants that divers get to see.  We should note that there are other tiger sharks that frequent the area and they too are exciting for divers to observe but none of them are quite as famous as Ms. Emma.

In this short video, Emma takes a particular interest in one of the photographers and he eventually drops his camera in order to give the large tiger shark a head rub. He also gently ushers the shark into a roll which Emma seems to accept without much resistance.  Having apparently enough, we then see her swim off.

The video was posted by Dave Baker and is just over 30 seconds in length.