Sunday, September 7, 2014

Video: Kayak Angler Smashes World Record After Landing 1,200 Pound Greenland Shark

Joel Abrahamsson lands 1,247 pound greenland shark off Andörja Island, Norway setting world record
Joel Abrahamsson lands 1,247 greenland shark - from Facbeook
Joel Abrahamsson set a world record on Monday, September 1, 2014 when he landed the largest fish ever caught from a kayak. Joel landed a 4.01 meter (13 feet - 1.87 inches) greenland shark off Andörja Island, Norway from a depth of 500 meters (1,640 feet).  The girth of the shark came in at a whopping 80 inches which conservatively would put the weight of the shark at 556kg (1,247 lbs). This mysterious shark of the deep was estimated to be 200 years old.

Joel Abrahamsson lands 1,247 pound greenland shark off Andörja Island, Norway setting world record
Joel Abrahamsson lands 1,247 greenland shark - from SVT  video
Joel is an avid kayak fisherman and was well prepared for setting a world record. He had stripped/secured everything on his kayak including fishfinders, rodholders, camera mounts etc., that might possibly entangle the fishing line when landing a large fighting fish. He had his paddle tightly secured to the side of the kayak but even still, in the chaos of the fight, he lost the paddle and it later had to be retrieved by his support vessel.  His support team included a film crew to document the entire event and several marine scientists who were on hand to measure, tag and examine the shark.

"It was scary as hell and I loved every second of it!" stated Joel while describing the catch to his friends on his Facebook page.  He explained that when he first hooked the shark, it began taking line off a pre-set 50lb drag and he knew right away that he was in for the fight of his life. Joel was wearing a harness and notes that there were several occasions when he felt he might get pulled into the water.

It took Joel 90 minutes to land the massive shark. Once the leader passed over the tip of his rod and he touched it thereby setting the record--as soon as an angler is able to touch the leader, a fish is considered to be officially landed-- he passed his rod over to the marine scientists so they could begin their work.

Joel Abrahamsson celebrates world record after landing 1,247 pound greenland shark off Andörja Island, Norway
Joel Abrahamsson celebrates after landing world record greenland shark - from Facbeook
The team planned that the shark would be released within five minutes of landing in order to minimize stress. After Joel handed over the shark, it was quickly secured to the support vessel and the marine scientists began their work.  The shark was safely released within the given time frame and it swam off under its own accord. The entire expedition was documented from both above and below the water and it will be released for free viewing later this year so stay tuned.

And for the folks wondering about the previous record, according to Kayak Fishing Magazine, the previous kayak fishing record was set in Alaska in 2008 when Howard McKim, Christopher Mautino, Allen Sansano and Allen Bushnell reeled in an estimated 300-500 pound salmon shark. The heaviest catch from a kayak to ever make it to a certified scale was a 225 pound blue marlin caught off Hawaii's Big Island in 2010.

Video from article in SVT.