Thursday, September 18, 2014

Video: Great White Close-up During Cage Dive

Great white shark makes a very close pass by the shark cage off Neptune Islands in South Australia.  Dive was with Rodney Fox Adventures.
Why hello White Pointer!
When you go great white cage diving, you always want to get a close shot of the feature attraction. But sometimes, they get so close that you wonder if maybe the opening of the cage is just a wee bit too big.  This looks to be one of those occasions.

This cage diver enjoyed a super-sized closeup during a cage dive off the Neptune Islands in South Australia. He was out with Rodney Fox Adventures and states the entire experience was a "ball." Although the video was just released today it was shot in February 2014.

The video was posted by Philip Stubbs and is a very short 34 seconds in length.  The great white makes her appearance through a wall of fish starting at the 20 second mark.
Photo is a video screenshot.