Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Video: During Great White Dive, a Sea Lion Hides Out in Shark Cage

Sea lion takes brief refuge in shark cage during great white dive.
When you go cage diving to check out great white sharks, you don't normally expect to receive any visitors.

As this pair was watching a great white chase after a bait line, a sea lion swam into view.  Knowing that Mr. Whitey was close by and looking for a meal, the pair kept a close eye on the sea lion probably assuming the worse. Well seemingly, the sea lion was also keeping a close eye on them and decided that the view of the great white from inside the cage would be much safer than from its current vantage point.

At the 13 second mark, the sea lion pops through one end of the cage, lingers for a second and attempts to make its way out a back opening.  As the pudgy little fellow tried to wiggle out it got stuck halfway through - most definitely not the position one wants to be in when a great white is lurking - and one of the divers had to give it a little nudge to help free it from the cage.

The video was posted by Craig Paisley and is a short 25 seconds.
Photo is a screenshot.