Sunday, September 14, 2014

Video: Diving with Seven Gill Sharks in Cape Town South Africa

Tourists who travel to Cape Town, South Africa for a scuba diving vacation have many options.  But most divers who branch out from just focusing on great whites find that diving with seven gill sharks to be one of the best dive experiences according to Mike Nortje who narrates this short video.

Mike ,who is with Pisces Divers, explains that the seven gill sharks are present all year long and divers will encounter anywhere from a handful to possibly up to 30+ sharks.  The area were the sharks are present is shallow at only 12 meters deep and it is quite an accessible spot making it a great dive for people of all skill levels.

One of the unique things about diving with seven gills is that they are very confident sharks explains Mike.

"Seven Gills will readily approach divers sometimes swimming right over their heads or coming up right next to divers" he notes.

So although cage diving with great whites is the most well known shark diving adventure in South Africa, make sure on your next South African holiday to carve out some extra time to enjoy the beauty of the seven gill shark.

Film by Allie Crawford.
Photos are video screenshots.