Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Video: Crazy Angler Jumps in Water to Land Shark

Swimmer bear hugs shark in Jupiter Florida.  Fisherman hooks black tip shark from rocks.
Swimmer in the water attempting to wrangle shark (circled) hooked on fisherman's line - Jupiter Florida
I guess it was only a matter of time, we have been seeing quite a few viral videos of people swimming with sharks and then latching on to them in order to take a ride.  Now it looks like some anglers want to get in on the hands-on action as well.

Swimmer bear hugs shark in Jupiter Florida.  Angler catches sharks from rocks but can't land it.
Angler grabs shark - Jupiter, Florida
This crazy video is from Jupiter, FL and shows a fisherman in chest deep water attempting to wrangle a hooked shark.  The angler is up on the rocks and does not appear to be able to land the shark so a buddy takes matters into his own hands.  The shark looks to be a blacktip shark and may be around four feet in length.

To get to the shark, the swimmer grabs the line and works his way down to the hooked end. Once there, he is able to control the shark to some degree and then at the 27 second mark we see him grab it.

We then see him pull the shark out of the water in a bear hug and he begins carrying it towards shore while receiving some applause from apparent onlookers.  At this point, we don't really see the shark moving so its condition is unclear.

At first I thought this might be a staged video using a dead shark but at the 15 second mark you can see the shark swimming.

There's not much more to say about this video other than the noting the videographer's overall assessment of the scene.

"This guy is crazy to me."

Angler carries blacktip shark out of the water in Jupiter Florida
Yup, he's crazy to us as well.  I would say don't ever try this yourself but then, does that really need to be said? Thankfully, no one got hurt...this time. But one should keep in mind that blacktips have been responsible for many bites in Florida.

According to National Geographic, "blacktip sharks are so common in Florida that scientists suspect most bites in the state can be pinned on the shark, but there has never been a single fatality in the region due to blacktip shark attack."  Of course the probability of a bite greatly increases when one decides to bear hug a shark.

**The video currently has 16 views since being posted on Youtube yesterday by Greg Pace.  Call it a hunch but ssomething tells me that number will soon change as this video stands a good chance of going viral. We will see.

UPDATE 09/24: We heard from Greg (who shot the video) and he tells us that he shot 5 minutes worth of video which includes footage of the shark being released.