Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update on Shark Found in Ohio River

Last week we covered a story regarding a shark found in the Ohio River in Manchester, OH. Based on initial information, it was thought to be a bull shark. We have now learned that it was most likely not a bull shark but some other type of shark species.

This morning we contacted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and spoke with Communication Specialist Kathy Garza-Bchr.  She informed us that they have received the shark from Mr. John Bay and that they plan on having the shark inspected by their marine biologist, who is currently out of town, within the next week or two. They will advise us of his findings when the examination is complete.

In the meantime, they have forwarded photographs to the marine biologist and after review, he does not believe that it is a bull shark.  He could not make a definitive conclusion based on the photos but believes that it was most likely one of three small species of sharks that would not be able to survive in fresh water.  He notes that the shark may have been discarded as part of by-catch or possibly someone had it in an aquarium and let it go in the river.

Ms. Garza-Bchr will get back to us when they have a definitive answer and we'll pass on the info.