Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stunning Video of Two Great Whites Colliding During Cage Dive

Great white shark attacks a second great white.  Shark VS shark
In a shocking capture on video, two great whites violently collide when they apparently both launch at a bait line at the same time. Unfortunately one of the great whites was much smaller than the other and ends up soundly in the larger jaws of the other great white shark.

Adam Malski caputred this amazing footage while on a dive trip 50 miles offshore from Australia. The larger shark, who is named Gilbert, is 4.8 meters in length and has been sighted since the collision.  The smaller shark has not been seen since.

In the video narration, it is suggested that the encounter may have actually been a deliberate attack by the larger shark. And although that might be true, from out viewpoint it looks more like an accidental collision as they both appeared to be going for the bait line.

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The short 2 minute video was posted by BarcroftTV.
Photo is a video screenshot.