Monday, September 22, 2014

Port Jackson Shark's Sex Video

Port Jackson shark feeling amorous - shark sex tape
With all the sex tapes being released today, it was only a matter of time before some sharks got in on the actions.

In this video we see a pair of Port Jacksons sharks appearing quite content in their intertwined love-lock and they seem rather oblivious to the voyeur videographer hovering above.  All was well in their happy world until at the 1:25 mark, we see a third shark, or better known as a third wheel, enter the picture and subsequently break up the happy session.

We did a check on Youtube and found another video from 2012 that was shot in Malaysia and shows two amorous Bamboo sharks.  It's a much clearer video and you can see that the male shark has latched onto the female's pectoral fin and is holding her in position. It does appear that tonic immobility plays into this as well. (see 2nd video below)

The 1st video was posted by Andy Vincent and is 3:54 in length.
Photo is a video sceenshot