Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fisherman Who Catches, Kills & Tosses Overboard Undersized Fish Identified Due to Viral Video

Fisherman kill and toss overboard musky fish.
As you can probably guess, we review 100's of videos every month in search of shark videos that you may find of interest.  On occasion, we'll come across a non-shark video that we feel is worth sharing, And this disturbing video that features a happy ending -along with a good message- is one of them.

We initially saw this video when it was re-posted by someone using a misleading shark title.  After watching it, we wanted to find out the full story and we were able to locate the original posting.

After clubbing the musky, it is tossed overboard.
The video was posted on September 6 and it shows two anglers on the Canadian side of the Detroit River encountering another fisherman who had caught, killed and then tossed overboard an undersized musky fish because it was not the species he was fishing for. When confronted by the two Good Samaritans, the offending fisherman freely admitted that he killed it and he had zero remorse.  But unfortunately for the offender, our two good guys had a video camera and they had no problem uploading the encounter onto social media.

Since the Good Samaritans posted the video, the video went viral and has received over 145,000 hits on Youtube. This massive exposure eventually caught up to the offender who ultimately turned himself in and the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating.

Since the initial video upload, the description has been updated with the following information:
Good Samaritans confront the offender
UPDATE: Hi everyone, first of all I want to say that this is a Canadian Angler, in Canadian Waters. Our Ministry of Natural Resources is aware of the entire incident and they have launched an investigation. More updates to follow on that.
In addition, the boat in this video does not belong to either of the 2 anglers in it that day. It was borrowed and that is fact. As this video has hit 100,000 views in about 5 days, it has got out there far more than I had hoped for. I want to let remind everyone that we should not personally attack this man. I do not regret filming or posting this video. I am glad I did because of the awareness it had created. The man in this video has turned himself into our local news station and made an apology video. He has also stated what he did was wrong and he has no excuse for it. People make mistakes, we just have to hope that they learn from them. All in all, I'm saying we should not centre so much focus on this one individual. There are probably thousands of people out there today who abuse natural resources just like this. The purpose of exposing this video was to create awareness so those abusers will see the consequences and think twice before abusing again. It goes to show a couple guys can make a big difference. Thank you all. Happy Fishing, Safe Hunting!
This video serves as a great reminder, if you see wrong doing, say something.  If you don't want to confront the individual(s), then tell the authorities.  We all must do our part to protect our natural resources.

Note: The offender makes a plea for forgiveness in this Windsor Star interview
Photo is a video screenshot