Friday, September 12, 2014

Bull Shark Found in the Ohio River?

Bull shark found in the Ohio River by John Bays at Manchester, OH
Bull shark found in the Ohio River at Manchester, OH - Ledger Independent
In the never ending tales of  'Where's Waldo?' featuring bull sharks, we have another shocker from Ohio where a possible bull shark was found in the Ohio River at Manchester.

The Ledger Independent reports that John Bays of Manchester was preparing to head out to go bass fishing from the Manchester boat launch at Island Creek Campground when he saw a nearly 3 foot bull shark floating in the water.  He believes that it had been struck by a motorboat prop.

Bull sharks have the ability to thrive in both saltwater and freshwater and have been know to travel 100's of miles up rivers.  They have been sighted as far up the Mississippi River as Illinois. And though bull sharks are known to live in the Mississippi River, Bay's finding in the Ohio River surprised many of his fellow anglers including Manchester Police Chief Jeff Bowling.

Map showing were the bull shark found in the Ohio River at Manchester, OH
Location where bull shark was found
"I was skeptical when they said he had a shark, but it sure is a shark,” Bowling said.  Bowling photographed the shark and contacted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources,

Bays told the Ledger that a fellow fisherman asked if he could keep the carcass but the shark was already spoken for.

"Ohio Department of Natural Resources asked me to put it on ice and they are coming to get it this afternoon,” Bays acknowledged. “I am curious to see what they find out about it. If it has been here long; it is possible it is about a year old, that means there are others.”
Photo of the bull shark from the Ledger Independent.

Speaking of sharks in odd places, did you hear about a bull shark supposedly spotted in Lake Ontario this summer? View the video here.

NOTE 09/15/2014: We plan on reaching out to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in a week or two to get any possible follow up information including confirmation of species type. There is some question as to whether it is indeed a bull shark due to the shape of the snout.  But at this point, it is hard to make any definitive judgement based on this one photo which is limited in what it shows.

UPDATE: 09/17/2014: Most Likely NOT a Bull Shark per ODNR

UPDATE 09/24/2014: The shark has been identified as an Atlantic Sharpnose.