Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video: Whitetip Sharks Raid a Reef for Midnight Supper

Whitetip reef sharks feeding frenzy off Cocos Island
Whitetip reef sharks feed on reef off Cocos Island
Here's a cool action video featuring a large shiver of whitetip reef sharks hunting on a reef at Cocos Island. The videographer, Gina Sanfilippo, does a great job of freezing the video and then circling the doomed fish before the shark strikes. The frantic activity is wild to watch and as Gina states in the description, the video gives "you a little idea of the insanity experienced when you're in the water with hunting sharks."

So sit back and enjoy the nighttime show. The video was posted by Gina Sanfilippo and is a short two and a half minutes in length.