Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Video: Whale Shark Surprises Spearfisherman

Whale shark surprises spearfisherman
What does it take to make a video go viral?  In this case, it takes a whale shark plowing into an unsuspecting spearfisherman and a whole lot of screaming.

In the video, we see a spearfisherman closely watching a tuna swim about.  At the 12 second mark, the spearfisherman can be seen pointing to the right of the camerman and screaming.  As the cameraman turns right, he gets plowed over by a whale shark that just happened to be passing through.

All ended well and the spearfisherman appeared quite pleased with the encounter. At one point, he decides to take the opportunity to go for a brief ride on the shark's dorsal fin. And though we do see some line wrapped around the whale shark, it quickly frees itself and swims off unencumbered.

As you may already know, whale sharks are plankton eaters and pose virtually no threat to humans other than the possibility of getting a whack with its powerful tale.

The video was posted by RM Videos and is 46 seconds in length.  As of now it has nearly 50,000 views but we suspect that will continue to grow as various news outlets are beginning to show the video.  PS. Make sure to have your audio on as the screaming helps make the video.
Photo is a video screenshot.