Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Video: Vacationer in Cancun Gets a Nasty Surprise from a Nurse Shark

Nurse shark ejects water in vacationers face.
How can you tell when a nurse shark doesn't want to be handled anymore? Just ask New Orleans DJ Corey Bonalewicz who was in Cancun, Mexico last week and received a not-so-fun surprise when the nurse shark he was attempting to pet ejected a large amount of water directly into his face.

Although Corey downplayed the humiliation when he posted the video on Twitter by saying, "Yea... We hugged a shark today. No big deal." But some in the media decided that there was a humorous opportunity to be had with this video. The Telegraph, true to their normal form, went with the headline, "Shark vomits in radio DJ's face."

This appears to be a tawny nurse shark which hunts by getting is's small mouth close to prey and then using its large pharynx as s powerful suction to inhale the prey. But it can also use the same mechanism in reverse when it will shoot a powerful blast of water at anything that it feels threatened by. In this case, Corey was front and center.