Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Video: Shocked Fishermen Watch Massive Grouper Steal 4 Foot Shark

Grouped eats a black tip shark in Florida
Grouper (in red) grabs black tip shark right off the line - Florida
Last week Shark Week told us about a legendary great white named Submarine that supposedly terrorized boaters.  Well, in viewing the below video, maybe Shark Week had it wrong and Submarine was actually a mature grouper.

The video was shot in the waters off Bonita Springs, Florida and was taken in August 2014.  It shows anglers attempting to land a four foot black tip shark when at the 34 second mark, a large grouper power grabs the shark in one bite and swims off with a toothy dinner.

The video was posted by Gimbb14 and is 47 seconds length.
Photo is a video screenshot.