Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Video: Great White Rescued After Being Entangled in Fishing Line

Great white rescued from fishing line entanglement - before/after photo.
Here's a feel good story from South Africa where the crew from a shark cage diving operation helped rescue a great white shark which had fishing line tightly wrapped around its body.

The crew from the Marine Dynamics shark cage diving vessel Slashfin spotted the injured shark off Gaansbaai, South Africa. The fishing line was wrapped around near the anterior part of the shark and was cutting deep into its skin making the injury quite visible.

Together with marine and coastal management, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust launched their research vessel to support the Marine Dynamics crew in rescuing the great white.

The rescuers were able to hook the shark with a baited line and pull it close to the vessel.  From there, they used a specialized cutting instrument to cut and pull free the entangled line. The hook was then cut and the shark was able to safely swim off and begin the healing process.

The shark was spotted seven months later and the crew from Marine Dyn
amics were able to capture some images showing that the shark had healed up nicely.

Great job to everyone involved.

Video posted by Marine Dynamics Shark Tours on Youtube and is 4+ minutes in length.