Monday, August 11, 2014

Video: Great White Poops to the Cheers of Divers

Great white poops - 2013
Are you having a crappy day?  If so, then what better way is there to cheer you up then show you a video of a great white pooping?

Come on now, you know you're going to click the video and watch because really, who can resist such theater?  Sure you can always get your shark fix by watching Shark Week's mokumentaries about megalodon sharks. But a shark pooping on video, now that really is made for prime time viewing.

Great white poops - 2010
The first video was just posted by Dans Dive and features the great white Lucy during a 2013 dive at Guadalupe Island, Mexico with Nautilus Explorer. Unlike the second video, which made the viral rounds in 2010, this new video shows the sharks face and we get to see some serious straining and almost what appears to be pain as Lucy takes care of business.  It is quite a process for the girl.  But, as Dans Dive states, there is an upside.

"No toilet paper needed, no having to stop what you're doing and take time out of your day to relieve yourself, you just keep swimming forward and leave it all behind you."

The first video is from DansDive and the 'action' starts at the 30 second mark. Make sure to have the volume on to hear the diver's reactions.  The second video is also from Guadalupe Island and was posted by ShawnCoit.  Nature kicks in at the 20 second mark.