Thursday, August 7, 2014

Video: Animatronic Shark Prank at London Fishmonger

Animatronic shark prank in London to promote Sharknado 2
In an effort to promote Sharknado 2, the folks at the Syfy Channel decided to put a fright into some costumers at a London fishmonger (shop that sells seafood).

The set up was simple. Get some special effects gurus to construct a somewhat lifelike animatronic shark, get a willing fish store owner and then place the prank shark on ice near a costumer pathway.  From there, you line the entire store with with hidden cameras and then sit back and wait for pandemonium to ensue.

So what does the video tell us?  First, when a supposed dead shark springs to life at a fish market, it can be pretty funny. Second, the video provides another reason why it is not a good idea to patronize fishmongers that sell shark meat.

The video was directed by Jo Tanner and Mark Howard and it was shot by Blake Claridge.  It was posted by Gail Mosley and is just 1:05 in length.  Enjoy!
Photo is a video screenshot