Thursday, August 14, 2014

Video: Aerial View of Swimmer as He Passes Near Great White

Swimmer passes near great white off Manhattan Pier.
The aerial unit of KLTA news captured this video of a swimmer near Manhattan Beach pier coming close to several juvenile great white sharks.

Last month, a swimmer was bitten by a juvenile great white in the same area after he encountered the shark after it had been hooked by a pier fisherman.

In this case, the swimmer did not appear to even notice the shark and they stayed separated. At one point, the shark does appear to begin swimming towards the swimmer and we see the camera zoom in but the shark eventually turns away.

Great white nears swimmer off Manhattan Pier
According to KLTA, Baywatch lifeguards deployed a personal watercraft to investigate and determined that the shark in the video was a 7 foot great white.  They monitored the shark for 45 minutes and determined that the shark was not showing any signs of aggression and no advisories were initiated.

Juvenile great whites are a common sight in Southern California waters during this time of year. According to the Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research, the area offers an abundance and diversity of prey, warm water and separation from adults making this region an ideal nursery ground.
Photos are video screenshots.