Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shark Week: World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has been garnering a fair bit of criticism lately regarding some of their sensationalized shark stories.  Off course, non has garnered as much negative attention as the theory that megalodon's may still exist today.  But disregarding that, there has been some criticism that Shark Week focuses too much on shark attacks and not on the many other important issues impacting sharks.

So today, when we saw this latest Shark Week video on Youtube  "World's Top Shark Attack Hotspots," we thought they may once again be pushing the envelope.  But we were pleasantly surprised at the end of the short video when they put the risk of shark attacks in perspective.

In the first part, they present what they contend are the top hot spots on the globe for shark attacks/bites. Although the statistics they provide are not comparable to each other (as they use different lengths of time) and they don't provide the same comparable data for each of the listed 'hotspots,' they do present some shark attack data which we have outlined here:
  1. South Africa: 230 attacks since 1905 with 53 fatal.
  2. Australia: 528 attacks in the last 100 years with 136 fatal (64 by great whites with half fatal).
  3. Florida: 687 attacks since 1837 (more than all other states combined)
But now for the upside, after giving us all the scary, hide under your bead information, they conclude the video by stating that you shouldn't avoid the water because the following are more likely to kill you then a shark: horses, bees, texting, smoking, ladders, cows, toilets and falling coconuts.

We wholeheartedly agree with their assessment and their last slide rings true, "Be safe...but don't be afraid."

Consider this, the majority of our planet is covered by oceans.  Just think what you'd miss if you were afraid to enjoy and explore this most special part of our earth?  So get out there and have fun. But please make sure to bring a GoPro so you can share with us some of your amazing experiences ;-)
Video posted by Discovery.
Photo from video (with modification)